Enzo Kreft is the pseudonym of Eric Vandamme, a Belgian artist living in Mechelen, between Brussels and Antwerp. He released two obscure minimal synth cassette-albums in the early eighties, creating a dark and atmospheric sound, using lo-fi overdubbing techniques with a Korg MS-10, a monophonic Yamaha synth, a Crumar Trilogy keyboard, a Sound Master SR-88 rhythm box, a Roland TR-606 drum machine, tapeloops and an electric guitar. Enzo's debut album "Me Is" (1983) has become a worldwide collector's item, containing his best-known tracks "Beauty Queen" and "Erotic Fantaseesz". In his second album "Cicatrice" (1984), Enzo evokes images of an apocalyptic society full of fear, paranoia and destruction. In 2010, "Beauty Queen" and "Erotic Fantaseesz" appeared on "Underground Belgian Wave Vol.2" of Walhalla Records, Lieven De Ridder's famous Belgian independent record label. In 2011, Kreft decided to re-release his two cassette-albums as a CD-R-album: "This Is Ik!". 2016 was a successful year for Enzo: Walhalla Records breathed renewed vinyl life into Kreft's old cassettes, in the form of "Dark Matter" and a few months later Enzo released the album "Turning Point". In 2017, Enzo Kreft released a brand new CD-album: “Wasteland”.

Some quotes:

"In many respects Kreft was one of the progenitors of synth wave and he reached that point through experimentation and change." (Igloo Magazine)

"De hernieuwde belangstelling voor Enzo Kreft heeft meer om het lijf dan een aura van nostalgie en retromanie." (Gonzo Circus Magazine)

"Clairement une des meilleures productions belges dans un style "Wave" qui connaît décidément un véritable revival." (MusicZine)

"Catchy vanaf de eerste luisterbeurt, en dat komt gewoon omdat Enzo Kreft zeer goed weet hoe hij een track dient te schrijven." (Luminous Dash)

"Enzo Kreft is not emulating early 80s bands, he simply belongs to this golden decade." (Side-Line Music Magazine)

"Met Wasteland heeft Enzo Kreft eens te meer een album verwezenlijkt dat met meer dan voldoende variabelen en met superieure synthlaagjes zijn vakkundigheid toont. Met als thematiek de ongezonde levenssfeer van de alledaagse verontreiniging." (Dark Entries)

"I remain fascinated by Enzo Kreft's artistic creation, mixing different elements resulting in an offspring between minimal electronics and more classical new-wave." (Side-Line Music Magazine)

"Enzo Kreft weet hoe je een song schrijft en slaagt erin dansbaarheid te doen rijmen met maatschappijkritische teksten." (Gonzo Circus Magazine)

​"La musica di Kreft e' quasi sempre cupa ed inquietante, espressione di atmosfere notturne fra cyberpunk e postapocalittiche, con echi della cupezza dei Joy Division ma in un contesto musicale molto piu' elettronico, ed affinita' con i primi e piu' caustici Cabaret Voltaire. Brani cinematici ed ipnotici al tempo stesso. Affascinante e sconfortante, un artista da scoprire per chi ama la dark wave elettronica." (Rock Bottom, Italy)